Divine Wisdom Campus, Along Ogheghe/Obagie Road off Sapele Road (Just after the By-Pass) Benin-City, Edo State, Nigeria.



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Divine Wisdom International Schools

Added on Feb 15, 2019
About Us

Our goal is to produce well-educated boys and girls; therefore, we are committed to an educational process that is integrated with the principles found in God’s infallible Word. As parents, we know your investment in your child’s life is great, hence we are praying for you as well, knowing that you are the most important part of your child’s development. We also value your input and prayers for the teachers, staff and administration as we walk through this school year together.

Our History

Though we prefer a more positive approach in addressing the educational system and its woes, we must admit that the moral depravity and poor academic performance in schools have become so serious that not even the most jaded can ignore.

Examination malpractices, immorality of all kinds amongst students, teachers and staff, increasing drug use among students, the use of bad language, keeping of bad friends, low educational standard and many other social vices, necessitated the reason and passion for founding a Christian School like ours.

In 2002, the vision for a boarding school was formed to create a nurturing Christian community to offer quality education that would focus on academic excellence, developing character, integrity, honesty, self discipline and personal accountability which would equip students to become good and responsible leaders of tomorrow.

Our boarding school started with the purpose to prepare young minds for a glowing future. It was aimed at gathering young ones and training their minds to retrieve from excessive pleasure and leisure which stand as a threat to their future success.

Beyond this, Divine Wisdom boarding system is formed to provide a challenging dorm life for the boarders to enhance and develop their horizon for the challenges of life ahead of them.

The ethos of the system is underpinned by the rationale or principles of co-education, rational thinking, godly living and open mindedness, with an emphasis on personal development and responsibility, creativity, tolerance and respect for one another.

The boarding school started in the same campus with the day students until September 2014 when we had to separate the day school from the boarding in order for our vision to be fully realized.

Our Mission

Our mission includes providing a nurturing environment, offering quality education that is supported by a strong foundation of Christian values; equipping students to become leaders and to positively impact their world. Our quest for excellence also integrates the following into our mission:-
Intellectual Development: The Christian mind should be the best mind, enlightened by the mind of Christ and one that integrates God's principles with academic pursuits. DWIS seeks to develop students with a biblical worldview who are well prepared in all academic disciplines with an emphasis on excellence, mastering communication skills, showing proficiency in science, arts and social science, reasoning and thinking critically, finding, analyzing, evaluating, and appropriately using information, integrating faith and learning in all academic disciplines, developing innovative programmes.

Character-Building: Character is frequently a neglected quality in education. We believe that a child's character ought to be moulded by God's Word. DWIS is dedicated to shaping the lives of the students by teaching them the qualities which matter most-trust in God, honesty in word and deed, respect for authority, and kindness toward others. Central to our philosophy is the belief that a strong intellect alone is inadequate to face life's challenges. There must be strong character, rooted in God's Word, for a fruitful and a glorious life. Home-Strengthening: The home and school should not be mutually exclusive or opposing influences in a child's life. In fact, the best school is one which supports the home and reinforces the values taught there. We desire for parents to be actively involved in their children's educational experiences, as well as, daily overseeing academics. The school's administration and teachers do not view parents as intrusive, but as partners in the exciting privilege of providing children with the fullest, most well-rounded education possible.

Outstanding Staff and Programme: Outstanding describes the teachers of DWIS. We seek qualified and experienced teachers who are certified. The teaching staff members are exceptional both professionally and personally. Our approach to curriculum is outstanding. Our teachers are trained in various classical methods to add creativity, critical thinking skills, and understanding of one's learning style. Impact Statement: As an academic institution, it is our responsibility to well-educate our students. Students need to engage in ideas, principles, and knowledge of content in a thorough and comprehensive way. Learning should engage a general acquaintance with many things and a thorough examination and mastery of many others. Students should be able to reason, be reasonable, be articulate, and demonstrate graciousness.

Life Changing Academic Programme: Our School has one of the finest academic programmes possible, but gaining knowledge is not enough. Children need a godly, personal, and loving influence to change their lives and allow them to be all that God intends them to be. The administration and staff desire an educational experience that affects their entire life. We want the students of DWIS not only to make a living, but to make a life. Nurturing Future Leaders:Good leaders make a great nation and our countries needs God fearing leaders to transform the nations and it is our focus, to produce upright students who are adequately equipped as future leaders.


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